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Your Survival Guide to Semester 1 at CDU

If you ‘re new to studying or even just new to studying in 2016 after a long break, your first few weeks at CDU can be a bit daunting. So, to celebrate the new start of the academic term we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to starting the semester anew.

  1. Get Familiar
    A great place to start to get your head around what’s required of you this semester is to get to know the basics before you start. If you’re doing classes on campus, find ahead well ahead of time where you’re classes are, when and who your lecturer is. This will help greatly on your first day of class.

  2.  Get what you need
    Make sure you have all you need for each unit before you start. Many students wait until the semester is well underway before purchasing texts or other material, but this can often put you behind and affect your understanding of your subject  matter. The friendly staff atCDU Bookshop have detailed knowledge of what you’ll need and are a one stop shop for not just texts, but stationery, tools or other special equipment as well as being a fantastic resource.

  3.  Get a plan
    Do a plan for completing your work this semester. While it may seem like you have plenty of time at the beginning of semester, the 12 weeks will fly by.  Study your unit outline, know when assignments are due and plan your work and study load ahead of time. This is most important if you are doing multiple units as you may find many assignments will be due at the same time! 
  1. Get balance
    Make sure you are able to find a good balance between work, study , play and rest. It can be difficult, particularly if you’re both studying and working but will make you more productive at all levels and ultimately will help ensure you enjoy your semester more. Oh, and don’t sacrifice sleep. It’s the all-important fuel that will help get you through.

  2. Get support
    Make sure you have a good support network to help you through. Family and friends can be a valuable source of support. But if you’re studying away from home, the CDU community can be a great resource. Your lecturers and teaching staff are here to help, so do make sure you communicate with them if you are having any difficulties and don’t be afraid to ask for extra help. CDU Student central also has a wide ran}ge of services you can access to help you navigate your way through the semester.

Above all, enjoy your time here at CDU. In the immortal words of Thomas Huxley – “ try to learn something about everything and everything about something”

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