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Could a Study Guide Help You?

Study Guides can be an invaluable aide to study, learning or writing at university. But when you’ve got a substantial textbook bill to work through, it can be difficult to justify spending more money on additional resources. However, they can add real value to your studies, and we’ve put together some great reasons why a study guide might be beneficial for you.

  1. If you’re new to tertiary study or haven’t studied for a while. Staring down the barrel of 3 or 4 years of study after not studying or coming straight from school can be a daunting prospect. Study guides can help you understand what to expect and set up good habits from the get go.
  2. If English is not your first language. There are plenty of study guides specially designed for students for whom English is not a first language, and they can specifically help with writing for assignments, navigating grammar and other nuances you’ll need to know about study, assignments and general learning in English
  3. If you’re not sure what skills you’ll need for successful study.If you’re new to study or not sure what skills you’ll need, study guides can be a great help? Do you need to be good at writing? Spelling? Communicating? There are even specific study guides designed for whatever specialty your studying
  4. If you’re not confident about certain skills such as grammar.If you know what skills you’ll need but are not confident you have them, a study guide can help you hone and refine your skills to help you gain valuable marks in your assignments or just study and learn more effectively. Look for specialty guides that focus on those areas you need the most such as grammar, writing or communication.
  5. If you need a bit of motivation to get you into study mode. Just reading about having good study habits can give you the motivation to build your own and get in the zone of study. It can also be very useful in providing much needed focus
  6. If you’re returning to study after the break and are keen to develop good study habits.Study guides can also be great if you’re returning for a 2nd or 3rd year of study but feel you’d like to start afresh with some good habits and skills  that may have escaped you in first year.

If any of these strike a chord, then it might just be worthwhile adding study guides to your textbook order. It can only help!

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