Getting Ready for Semester 2

July 14, 2016

Get Semester 2 ready with these tips that will help you start the semester on the front foot. 

1. Reconnect with your support network.
Support networks are essential for helping you get through the demands of study and well, life really. Make sure you know who you can turn to when you need a little bit of help. If you don’t have a support network find one- connect with fellow students, lecturers, and CDU staff who are all here to help you.

2. Get organised
Get everything you need for semester well in advance. Pick up your text books. Get to know when and where your classes are on, know who your lecturers are, read your unit outlines and get to know the what, when, where of whatever it is you’re studying.

3.Focus on your long term goals
Don’t be daunted by the fact that you’re just starting and the end of your studies might seem a long way away. Focus on what you want to achieve in the long term and what you hope to get out of the semester, and importantly what you will gain at the end of your studies.

4.Create a budget
Study means additional costs. And, it may mean that study commitments mean you’re earning capacity is reduced. So make sure you do some forward planning, work out what you need to spend including weekly, monthly and beginning of semester outlays and make a plan for ensuring you can make ends meet.

5.Get a time management system
Time is an increasingly valuable commodity. Make sure you work out a way so that you can manage your time efficiently, avoid procrastination ( which is a productivity killer) and meet deadlines as well as finding sufficient time for play and relaxation.

6. Review feedback from old assignments or exams and brush up on any skills that may be lacking.
Before the semester starts it might be an opportunity to review feedback you may have received from last semester and brush up or review some key skills you may need for this semester. Not too sure on proper referencing procedures or formats? Make time to review resources available online or via the CDU Library. Need to refine your writing or research skills? We’ve got some great resources in store, and the library is also a great resource. Plus check out the Academic language and Learning Success Program for online workshops, courses and more.

7.Attend O' Week. 
O week has a jam- packed calendar to help you figure out what’s new in the zoo for Semester 2. Learn where things are, how things work, take on campus tours and join some fun activities to get you fully in the Semester 2 head space.

So what are you waiting for?

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