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How Keeping Hydrated can make you Smarter

Water is literally the stuff of life. We can’t live without it, and it turns it we can’t function at optimal levels without enough of it. But there’s evidence out there that keeping well hydrated can actually make you smarter by aiding in concentration and focus an improving cognitive ability. Among other things. Here’s how.

Help with Success in exams
Next time you sit in an exam, take a bottle of water in with you. Sipping on water during an exam has been shown to reduce anxiety by providing a momentary distraction from anxious thoughts leading to better focus and performance. It may also help in other anxious times.

Aids Concentration
We know that water is essential for every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. The brain is no exception to this rule, so there is strong evidence that drinking water has a direct impact on cognitive function. We all know how fuzzy headed we feel when we’re thirsty. 

Improves Mood and energy levels
Fluid loss after exercise has been proven to negatively impact mood and concentration. So, there is also evidence that countering dehydration can lift your spirits. Water has also been shown to have a strong placebo effect. If you believe drinking water will lift your spirits it probably will. 

Can treat headaches
It’s been known for some time that dehydration can trigger headaches and migraines in some individuals. And conversely, that water can relieve headachesin those who are dehydrated. And while it can depend on the type of headache, if you’ve got a headache coming on, try a tall of drink of water and a break.

In the age of reducing the war on waste however, don’t throw away your money on disposable bottles of water when quenching your thirst. Use a refillable bottle – like our new water bottle withcompartment. It’s got a special compartment for cash or your secret lolly stash. Save the planet and your brain and drink more.



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