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How to Find a Part time Job While You're Studying

The balance between work and study is always a precarious one. If you’re lucky, you already have work with  an understanding employer who gives you time to attend classes, is understanding when you’ve got assignments due and need a bit more prep time and appreciates the possible benefits you’re additional learning may even bring to your role. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. If you were working when you started studying you may have had to leave your full time job to focus on your studies, or perhaps you’re trying to find some flexible work to tide you over financially while you focus on your studies. Here’s some tips for finding the perfect ( or almost perfect) job that fits in around your studies

Casual Work
The benefit of casual work is that it can provide flexibility, meaning you’re not locked into set hours and are able to craft your time around your studies.  It also means this can go both ways unfortunately as it can mean that when you need the cash, work might be scarce. Most employers within the retail, hospitality and event sectors are constantly looking for staff due to their reliance on casual employment.  To find the flexible work you need, hit up hotels, restaurants and bars. Many will have an online application process, especially national franchsies. Also contact shops in your local shopping centre.

Part time Work
Part time work can provide the benefits of full time work (sick and holiday pay ) but with the flexibility of casual employment.  Look for part time work via online job sites, Linked In, the career section in your local newspaper ( print and online) and if need be, register with a local recruitment agency. This can also help you with your search for full time employment once you graduate.

Depending on your area of expertise or knowledge, many organisations offer internships for students, especially those about to graduate or in their final year of study. Internships may be paid or unpaid and usually provide an opportunity to learn or get valuable experience from an organisation in your chosen field of study. Beware internships that masquerade as slave labour. If there are none available, select an organisation you’d like to work for and offer your services / knowledge/expertise in exchange for some time learning about their organisation and/or industry

LinkedIn can be a great resource to connect with people and have people connect with you. To get the most out of Linked In, make sure you maximise your profile by ensuring it is up to date, interesting to read and paints you in the best possible light to prospective employers. Make sure it highlights that you are studying and looking for part time work to complement your studying.

Other Online Job Seeking Sites
There are many different types of online job hunting sites out there. The best known ones include, but there are also a large number of specialty job hubs that focus on specific industries or disciplines.  Many specialise in casual, part time or free lance work.

Professional and other networking events
Join professional associations for the area in which your studying. Most will offer regular networking events and may even have specific programs geared towards students. Get involved and attend as many events as you can through these organisations, through your university and your local business and industry community

Make sure you’re prepared to take advantage of short term or casual job opportunities as they arise. Ensure you’re resume is up to date and easy to read and be open to opportunities as they arise. You never know where they might come from – or where new opportunities might lead.

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