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How to Get Your Semester 1, 2019 off to the Best Possible Start


The start of semester 1 is just over a week away, so now is the perfect to prepare yourself for study and get semester 1,. 2019 off to as smooth a start as possible,.

 1. Get to know the course
Get to know the outline of your course and who  your lecturer is. If there are any questions you have about your course requirements or studying, get them answered via your unit coordinator. And, if you’re in Darwin next week don’t forget to also check out O week on casuarina campus.

2. Get your textbooks.

Ok, we don’t want to sound like a broken record here – we’ve waxed lyrical on this topic before, but really, just get your textbooks already!

3. Get your resources. 
What else do you need to make your study easier? Stationery? Notebooks? Need to brush up on some study skills? Need extra equipment or tools for your studies?  Come in and see us for all your study resources, stationery, notebooks and study equipment needs.

4. Get your affairs in order. 
Before you start the semester, take the time to do all those household administrative tasks you were putting off. Pay the bills, get those menial errands done. Start the semester with a clean slate without the burden of administrative tasks hanging over your head.

 5.Get your head in the game.
Start with the semester with a clear head focused for studying. Take time to set some goals for the upcoming semester. Ask yourself why you are studying and outline what you want to achieve. Clear your head through meditation or mindfulness practice and spend time in places or with people that help you feel grounded.

 6. Get tidy. 
Take time to tidy your study area, and do a spring clean around your house. Starting with a clean and clear environment can also help create a clear head.

 7. Get your support network in place.
Studying can place additional stresses and challenges to your life so make sure you have a network in place to turn to for support – whether that’s for picking up slack in other areas of your life or just being there for emotional support. Enlist the help of family, friends, and your fellow students. If you’re studying away from family and friends, orientation week is a great place to make new friends and your lecturers as well as CDU’s Student equity are also here to support you on your study journey.

 8. Get ready. 
Getting ready, really is about being prepared to ensure a smooth as possible transition to incorporating your studies into your life without compromising that which means the most to you. Get ready and get through.


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