Stuck in the Middle: Making the Most of Mid Semester

March 29, 2018

The Mid Semester Break is almost upon us which for many means relaxing, resting and reviving, and perhaps a bit of catchup on work or study you've been putting off until a quiet moment. The mid-semester break is an important milestone in the general order of semester business. It means you're halfway to the end and halfway to having one semester under your belt. But as well as using the break to catch up on studies here are some must-dos to help you recharge and become more productive than ever.

Eat all the Easter Chocolate.
Ok, maybe not all of it. but do feel free to indulge a little. Easter comes but once a year so enjoy, but pace yourself. 

Watch all the Netflix
Yes. If there is ever a time to binge-watch those shows on your Netflix list, this is it. Get comfy and get stuck in. 

Read all the Books
Reading is great for creativity, productivity and general relaxation. It can actually also make you smarter. So read, read some more. If you need any advice on what to read, come in and see us. 

Write all the Words
Writing just for the hell of it, is a great way to increase productivity and enhance creativity. It can also serve to help build and development your academic writing skills. Plus now's the perfect time to tap into your writing mojo, with our Write to Win promotion wrapping up in just under a week. Get your entries in!

Breathe all the Air
Take some time to just breathe. Go and sit on a beach, take a swim in the pool, sit and watch the clouds go by, meditate and just breathe. 

The mid-semester break is also the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, new friends and family. So get out there and reconnect.

How will you be spending your mid - semester break?