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Study/ Life Balance : Myth or Magic

Balance is a concept that has been written about at length, by authors of wellness and lifestyle blogs. It seems to be that magical, mythic al holy grail that we all strive for. If you have it it can help you find health, happiness, wealth and missing laundry socks. But what is it really? Why is it important? And, is it even possible when you’re juggling work, study, family and missing socks crises?

What is balance?

Balance can be defined differently in different contexts, but in a broader “ life” concept we can use the definition that it is a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct positions. Using this definition, you can easily see why balance would be a good thing. In many Eastern medicine traditions, such as Traditional Chinese medicine balance is represented by yin and yang symbology and it is broadly believed that imbalance is responsible for many common modern ailments.  When things are in balance we are operating at maximum effectiveness and efficiency, our relationships work well and provide emotional comfort and satisfaction, our health and general wellbeing tends to be pretty good, and life is generally pretty sweet. In theory.

How do We Achieve Balance?
So it seems this balance thing is pretty good right? So how do we reach it. That my friends, is the $64 million question. The answer may be unique and different to everyone, but one thing that can help you achieve balance is perspective. By putting your life and what you wish to achieve into perspective, you tend to gain insight into what is more and what is less important to you. While study and getting good marks are important,  your time at university is only temporary, howevrr having good health and good relationships can last forever if payu attention to them so shouldn’t be cast aside or left to “ I’ll do that later” .

Remember also that you won’t achieve balance absolutely every day , but by striving for balance, and keeping it the important things in your life in perspective, can only be a good thing. You’ll get there. Missing socks are not that bad. You can buy socks

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