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Walk it out. How walking Strengthens your Mind

This past month as part of our Activate April month, we've waxed lyrical on the benefits that being active has on your mind. How it can help you be more productive, learn more effectively as a student not to mention of course the obvious physical impacts and the impact on your overall health and wellbeing.  Walking is a wonderful, versatile and incredibly FREE activity that you can do just about anywhere, but the true benefits of walking are now only just being realised. Most people are familiar with the physical benefits of walking, but did you know walking can also impact your mental wellbeing as well?  

1. It can Make you more Creative. According to Behavioral Scientist Marilyn Oppezzo, the act of walking can greatly assist in solving problems creatively and brainstorming. The logic is it keeps your body occupied but your mind open and free. Why not put your thoughts on a leash and take them for a walk?

2. It Reigns in Your Sweet Tooth. The releasing of endorphins, changes the chemical reaction in our brians that makes us crave sweet things. It also helps take our mind off the craving

3. It can positively affect your mood. Endorphins. Endorphins. Endorphins. Endorphins are the " feel good" chemical that is released in our brain when we engage in physical activity. This is emphasised the more briskly and longer you walk but every little bit helps

4. It can improve relationships. Walking with someone has the benefit of strengthening relationships as well as strengthening your mind and body. Next time you need to talk something out with a colleague or loved one, suggest a walk, it will put you both in a positive frame of mind to problem solve or tackle big issues.

5. It reduces the risk of dementia later in life.Research has found that a 20-minute walk each day could cut down the risk of developing dementia by a whopping 40%. This is more effective however the faster one walks. 

6. It reduces stress. Did we mention endorphins? Regular walking also serves to lower blood pressure which can naturally reduce your stress levels

7. It helps improve your memory   Exercise is good for the brain but walking specifically is also good for boosting your memory. A 2011 study showed how walking for 40 minutes at a stretch three times a week could increase the volume of the hippocampus by 2%, which is fairly significant.

So not only does walking make your body good - it also makes your brain good. And with the last days of our April promotion giving you TRIPLE REWARDS POINTS on anything from our CDU activewear range, we can also make you look good. So get your gear on and get walking.  

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