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Why Your Education is An Investment

When you’re immersed in the day to day vagaries of study, struggling with getting everything done, learning new knowledge, a  new campus and even new friends, it can be easy to lose sight of why you are studying. But whatever your reason for furthering your education , you should never forget that your education is very much an investment. An investment in your yourself, in your future and in your broader  community.  Here’s why.

1.There is a return
By definition, when we invest in something, be it money, time or other resources, we do so because we expect to get a return. Whn you invest in your education, the return might not be as apparent as investing in something financially, however the returns are there nevertheless and still measurable. The returns may be many and varied and difficult to realise in the short term. But they are certain. Whether it be knowledge, skills, relationships, or just your own personal growth, a return is guaranteed and compounded by how much of yourself you invest

2. We get back so much more than what we put in.
The more you put into your education, particularly in terms of time, commitment and effort, the amount you get back will exponentially increase. The sum total of what you get back may not be immediately obvious, but it will become clear over time and will increase, the more you put in.

3.We develop ourselves
Any type of learning you undertake makes for an opportunity to develop yourself and contribute to your own personal development. This comes not just from the formal education or qualification you receive, but the also the full experience you have at university, the relationships you build and the learning acquired as a whole.
4.We create opportunities
Learning creates opportunities. Opportunities change lives. The process of learning and education creates opportunities not just for your future career, but for personal growth and development.
5.We develop networks and relationships that will serve us well beyond the term of our studies
If you’re not making the most of the university community and any associated professional networks , DO. You will reap the rewards for the rest of your life. Get to know your tutors, lecturers, staff, fellow students and whover you can. You never know where it will take you.

6.We become part of a community we can give back to
One of the best things about being a part of any community, but no less so a university community is you can give back to it. Giving has its own returns,  so join, give and reap.

7. Acquisition of knowledge always reaps rewards
Of course the most obvious return on your university investment is the acquisition of knowledge. As well as making you smarter, wiser, and well placed to deal with life’s challenges, it also improves your overall health and well being but reducing stress and your risk of developing diseases such as alzheimer’s.

Overall, an investment in your studies is an investment in yourself. So invest. The returns are big and in

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