Learning Statistics and EXCEL in Tandem shows how to solve most statistical business problems taught in an introductory statistics subject using the Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet software. The major difference between this book and other EXCEL books is that, before using EXCEL for an application, in this book, we discuss the selection of the appropriate statistical technique required to solve the problem. In other words, the aim of the book is to teach in tandem the appropriate statistical techniques as well as the use of EXCEL to execute them. In this sense, this book may be used as a stand-alone book by managers and analysts who have knowledge in statistics. However, those with no statistics knowledge should use this as a supplement to a statistics textbook. Learning Statistics and EXCEL in Tandem is primarily designed to cater for undergraduate students enrolled in a statistics subject. The book is also useful for postgraduate students as well as managers and analysts in analysing their day-to-day basic statistical problems using EXCEL.

Author: Saroja Selvanathan
ISBN: 9780170351089
Publication Date: 21 Feb 2014
Edition: 4th Revised edition

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