Lecturer Text Advice - Higher Education

To ensure the timely and cost-effective supply of textbooks to your students, please submit your textbook advice form by the specified dates below:

Semester 1, 2021 text advice is due before November 9th, 2020

Note: Please note any text advice forms received after the cut off dates may mean textbooks will not be here in time for the start of the semester.

CDU Bookshop requires a textbook advice form for each unit, each semester. The information collected by this form is not made available to students. Please ensure your course guide is up to date. This form is specifically for Prescribed or Recommended texts.

Prescribed texts are essential to the subject and require purchasing by all students.

Recommended texts are not essential to the subject and are optional as references or study guides. 

Desk Copies are available upon application to the publisher, for any book that has been assigned as a prescribed text in a scheduled class for the current semester. A complimentary desk copy is provided by the publisher, with the understanding that the text will be purchased by students in the course. 

Please fill out the ONLINE FORM