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10 Ways to Kickstart your Motivation

With Semester 1, just over a month away, now's the time to flick your motivation switch and get your head around the year ahead. But if you're finding that a bit challenging, not to worry. Here's some great ideas to help you get into the swing of 2017. 
  1. Do something new
    Doing something new, no matter how big or small can be a great motivator. It opens your mind to new experiences and can potentially challenge you in ways that will encourage growth and personal development.  And it needn’t be too difficult. Try a new sport, take up a new hobby or just go somewhere you’ve never been before.

  2. The goldilocks rule and goal setting
    Setting goals have been often lauded by pundits as a key motivator when starting a new project activity or even a new year. While goal setting can certainly be beneficial for kick-starting your motivation drive, always apply the “ goldilocks rule” to your goal setting. Make them not too hard, but not too easy. Just right. Set goals that will challenge you but that you feel confident are within your capabilities. 

  3. Higher purpose. 
    Find something beyond the day to day that drives you. More than just a specific goal, this could be something that you find fulfillment in both striving for and achieving. It could be anything from achieving financial security for you your family to helping your community or creating something you love. It could even be spending more time on a favourite hobby. Whatever it is, it will be unique to you.

  4. Make a commitment. 
    Commit to doing something. It doesn’t really matter what, just commit and do. This could be anything from cleaning out your back shed, to saving money or losing weight. Commit to a course of action and then take real steps toward achieving that action. Start a savings plan, join a gym or just make plans to exercise with a friend, or hit the shed on a Sunday afternoon.

  5. Seek mindfulness. 
    Mindfulness is a much bandied around term, but it is really quite simple and is more about awareness and focus than yoga and philosophy. It really is about noticing the what, when, where of any given moment and being fully present in that moment. Be aware of what you’re doing throughout the day. Note how things feel, note your own mental and physical reactions to what your doing and how they feel. Mindfulness can reduce anxiety, stress and keep you open to opportunities which is an intrinsic motivator.
  6. One a day. 
    Create a “ do this one thing every day” task. Make it simple, make it meaningful and make it something you’ll enjoy. It could be as simple as make one person smile a day. Or learn something new every day. Or if you’ve got a big project you need to undertake it could be make a start on that and do a little bit of it every day. Whatever it is, the achievement will keep you motivated to do more. 

  7. Friends and family. Make time to connect with those nearest and dearest to you. If need be, schedule in regular skype calls with friends and family far away or set up regular lunch/drink dinner dates. Maintaining contact with people you love will remind you of the importance of connection and keep you motivated to maintain that connection.

  8. Remove labels. 
    Avoid labelling people, things or experiences as good/bad or positive negative. Anything that challenges you, helps you to grow just is. The universe is a crazy and uncertain place and what seemed to be a good thing could turn out to be not so good. Avoiding labels will motivate you to just see things for what they are: opportunities and challenges that are there to be optimised or overcome and help strengthen you.

  9. Disregard opinions 
    Avoid focusing too much on the opinions of others. They are after just opinions. Focus rather, on drives you onward. Other’s opinions are often subject to bias or their own value system which may be at odds with yours. 

  10. Find A Mentor
    Seek out people that you trust to act as mentors and guides in your professional and personal life. Choose people that will give you that much needed “ kick up the rear” when you really need it.


What else will you be doing to motivate yourself in 2017?

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