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Don't You know Who We Are?! (And what we do..)

Want to get to know us? Now’s your chance! To give you an intro, you may not know but CDU Bookshop is so much more than just a bookshop. We have books (of course) in text, literary, kids, reference and other formats. But did you realise, we also have stationery, diaries, essentials like toiletries, trade equipment, CDU merchandise, graduation gifts, corporate gifts, dictionaries, plush toys, stethoscopes, calculators, gift cards, travel things and a whole heap of other cool stuff. Here’s some other things you might like to know about us……

The Basics

We’re open Monday – Friday 8.30- 4pm. We’re located just across from the Café in red building 1 at Casuarina Campus

The Team

The folks that make up the magic that is CDU Bookshop are ragtag bunch of really interesting  peeps...a moveable feast of legends in their own lunchtime every semester.

Margaret Waterson- James
Our fearless leader, manager extraordinaire and mighty wielder of the cheque books, She can balance budgets, pack orders and prepare a strategic plan all before lunchtime. Margaret is your go to gal for textbook orders, for that hard to find title or even just for a chat. She’s in everyday and then some, so pop in and say hi.

The Refunds..( if you must)

Books.We love ‘em. No seriously, we REEALLY love ‘em, and so should you but we get that sometimes you can choose the wrong one, or change your mind. It’s Ok. We love our books so much we’ll happily take them back. But there are a few things you need to know when you return them.

  1. You gotta fill in a form. The admin gods must be appeased! Also it helps us with stock control and other boring but very important things. Download. Fill in. send. Easy!
  2. You must have loved your book as much as we do in the short time you had it so it must be in great shape, including the packaging which should be intact.
  3. You’ll need a receipt. ‘Nuff said
  4. If it’s a textbook you can return it before Census date of the current semester or within 14 days if bought instore or 28 days if bought online for other items. Don’t miss the deadline or all will be lost. Well, not really just get it back to us quickly. Please!!
If you want to get to know us even better, make sure you sign up for our newsletter, like us on facebook or follow us on instagram. Or just pop in and say hi. We'd love to meet you!


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