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Get Ready for Cyclone season

It’s the Cyclone Season here in the Top End, and cyclones may well affect top End coastlines between November and March. So if you’re new to cyclone season and to the Territory here’s a handy checklist to help your preparedness. Being prepared is the key to getting through the season with minimal harm and maximum safety. For more details head to

1.Prepare your home

Make sure wherever you live, you tidy up loose objects. Make sure you securely fasten or put away any loose objects around your yard. They can become dangerous missiles in a severe storm or cyclone and cause further harm to yourself or others. Do any maintenance required to ensure your house is well, safe as houses..

2.Develop your safety plan 
Assess the safety of your home and make a plan for where you’re going to shelter. If you don’t think you’ll be safe in your home, make plans to shelter with friends or family. Or find out where local cyclone shelters are. More info on these at

3.Have a plan for pets.If you have pets or livestock, you’ll also need to make plans for them. Add plenty of food, water and any medication to your emergency kit, and if you need to leave them at home on their own, make sure they have plenty of food and water. You can also leave a note or sticker notifying people there are pets present in an emergency.

4.Prepare your emergency kit.Your emergency kit should have sufficient non-perishable food and water for up to 72 hours. You should also include in your kit any medications, batteries,  torches, and/or candles and a battery operated radio..

5.Keep an eye out for warnings and alerts. Keep an eye out for notifications via social media, local ABC Radio 105.7, and tv and radio news bulletins.  Also make sure that friends and neighbours are aware, especially those new to the Top End or those for whom English is a second language.

So get ready, and get through!


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