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Preparing for the Storm Ahead


The silly season is ahead of us, the semester is behind us. So what now? How do you make the most of the calm before the storm that is this in-between time? Tempting as it is to catch up on your favourite Netflix programs, sleep in and just do as little as possible ( and we’re not saying you shouldn’t do all those things) a storm of activity, perhaps travel and general festiveness is almost upon us. And you know just how frenetic that pace can be. So don’t waste this time-  this calm before the storm.  Use it to your advantage and get ready for whatever lies ahead. Here’s our in-between time checklist:

  1. Clean out your desk. Tidy things, return library books or any borrowed textbooks, file away any notes and back up your computer ( if you don’t already have a regular schedule for this).
  2. Connect.Make sure you’ve got contact details for any key people you’ve connected with this semester, add them to your online networks and make plans to touch base in the new year.
  3. Spring clean your possessions.We often acquire things throughout the course of the year, some of which we need to carry us through into the next one, and some of which we don’t. Go through your wardrobe, your pantry, your cupboards and clear out those things that you no longer need or use and donate them to a charitable organisation who might need it more. Or sell it for Christmas cash!
  4. Get your house in order.This is the perfect time to do much-needed maintenance on your house or garden, tidy up and clean those “every now and then” areas of your house
  5. Get cyclone ready.We are about to officially head into the cyclone season, so get your house and home cyclone ready. Tidy up or put away loose objects, get your cyclone kit ready and develop your plan for your shelter for you. Your family and pets. More info at
  6. Relax . Do take time out to just chill. Binge watch your favourite Netflix programs, read many books, and just do nothing.
  7. Do something you really enjoy.Schedule in something you really enjoy doing. It could be hanging out with old friends, watching a new film or indulging in your favourite hobby you’ve been neglecting. Do it, just because.
  8. Get a jumpstart on your Christmas shopping. The pre-Christmas shopping period can be hell, and the longer you leave it.. the more hell it can get.. So make your lists and check them twice, and do pop in and see us, we’ve got a range of great gift ideas for just about everybody.
  9. Book travel.If you’re travelling to see family and friends, book arrangements early as costs get more expensive and less available the closer you get towards the Christmas/ New Years period.
  10. Think about next year…..just a bit.Start your thinking about your plans for next year if you haven’t already, start the year with a renewed focus and avoid the January inertia that seems to befall many.

So don’t be caught out. Get ready and get through!


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