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Get Started with The Right Stuff For Semester 2, 2018

Semester 2, 2018 is well underway! We hope you're settling in nicely to the new semester. But if you're still a bit behind the eight ball, we've put together a list of Semester 2 essentials to get you up to speed.


USB s are a no-brainer. These babies are compact, and with handy loop to add onto your keyring. At a convenient 16GB – a definite essential.

Keep Cup


With the war on waste gaining traction around the glove. Keep cups are a must for keeping your coffee or tea hot, and reducing the impact of these non recyclable pesky disposable coffee cups. Get one, save the planet. In a  variety of sizes.

CDU Gym Bag.


These would make a perfect gym bag, but also would be great for carrying anything around campus or to or from classes. They’ve also got a secret compartment for shoes, or snacks or lollies.

Study Guides

If you’re new to studying or just need to refresh some study skills, we’ve got a great range of study guides to help you with everything from writing, studying, referencing, plagiarism and more.



Of course, and don’t forget, the early bird catches the worm with this one. Make sure you get in early, because can and do sell out. Oh, and if you’re buying online, don’t forget about  free shipping  - just the code SSAF when you checkout.

Placement Shirts.


Doing a nursing or medical placement? We’ve got the shirts you’ll need in a variety of sizes as well as other essential  nursing tools

Decomposition Notebooks


As a well as a large range of stationery, we’ve also got some handy stationery packs that you can grab to get your semester off to a great start.

CDU Water Bottle.

It’s absolutely essential to keep hydrated around campus, particularly if you’re studying from one of our Top End campuses. These bad boys are also perfect for the gym with a special compartment for change, keys or your secret lolly stash.

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