Making Your Endings Beginnings

October 25, 2017


Facing an ending? Endings of one type or another are an inevitable part of life. Every day we face endings in work, endings of time - a day, a week, a month or even a year. We also face endings in our personal lives, our professional life, and of course in our study. The end of the semester can often mean the start of a new chapter in your life, and while the endings can be confronting and daunting, it is important to remember them as more than just one thing ending but change your perspective to viewing them as a new beginning.

And while this sounds simple, it isn’t always easy. One of the key things to change your perspective is to change the way you look at.. change. Change is an inevitable part of life, but often we suffer from change when we resist it. Embracing change can actually change the impact of said change. Pretty cool huh. This, of course, doesn’t mean you won’t feel scared or uncomfortable but it means you’ll ride it out much easier and even see the positives of the change rather than just focusing on the negatives.

Also, remember to take time to rest and regroup. Take full advantage of the opportunity that an ending provides in that it allows you to take stock, think about your next steps and rest...

Endings and change, in general, need not be a bad thing. Accept it, don’t resist and use the time associated with an ending to your full advantage and you’ll be fine!