Stop. Revive. Survive the break

June 16, 2017

The break is here, ( or almost) and there’s a few things we think you might need, so we’ve put together a list for you. Make sure you pop in before you head off and grab one of these essentials to get you through. We're open all through the break.

1.CDU Gym shirt

Now that you have more time (hopefully) during the break, we hope you’ll make time to get active. And, you’ll definitely need some new active threads. Hot of the presses, our brand new racer back gym singlets are cool, comfortable and guaranteed to turn heads on the track, on the treads, on the floor, or just shooting the breeze.

2. CDU Cooling Towel.


And, if you’re getting warmed up with your new physical activity regime, you’ll need a colourful cooling towel to cool you down. Also new in-store, our cooling towel comes in a range of colours and at just $8.95, is a great catch.

3. CDU Hoodie


Many of you might be heading off to cooler climes this break or at least enjoying the recent run of cool Top End Dry Season weather. Keep warm with one of these ultra comfortable fair trade CDU hoodies.

4. CDU scarf and Beanie.
scarf andbeanie

See above.

5. Good Read 1: The Sellout. 


Check out our recent review of this. It’s a seriously good read.

6. Good Read 2: Tour de Oz .

A cracker of a true story about one man’s journey to “circumcycle”  the vast continent of pre- Federation Australia, 4 years before the inaugural Tour de france

7. Textbooks for Semester 2.


It’s Time. Just do it. You’ll feel better.

8. New CDU pen.


For writing, thinking thoughts feelings and that next big idea. It’s new and it looks heaps classy. In a choice of blue steel or limited edition bamboo.

9. CDU Tote.


For putting all your semester break essentials in of course!