BUS303 E-Commerce in the Global Business Environment

E-Commerce is an exciting global phenomenon that is evolving rapidly as the acceptance of new technologies and ideas push traditional boundaries of managing organisations. This is in turn driving new and different ways of treating managerial considerations such as strategy, operations, implementation, risks, and profitability.
To prepare the student for this dynamic environment this undergraduate unit leads the student through an exploration of concepts in the key areas of:

  • Fundamentals of E-Commerce and E-Marketplaces.
  • Internet consumer retailing from the perspectives of products and services, consumer behaviour, market research, social media and advertising.
  • Aspects of Business-to-Business E-Commerce, E-Government and E-Learning, Consumer to Consumer Commerce and Collaborative Commerce.
  • Alternate models of E-Commerce, Web 2.0, social networks and mobile computing.
  • E-Commerce support services and other issues such as security and fraud protection, and electronic ordering and payment systems.
  • E-Commerce Strategy and Implementation with a focus on strategic justification, globalization, small and medium enterprises, and Regulatory and Ethical Issues.

Unit Information


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