ECM201 Teaching the Curriculum: Science 1

The focus of the knowledge and skills in this unit is science for junior secondary (Years 7-10).This unit introduces students to foundational concepts and pedagogies in the field of science teaching. The unit equips students with the foundational skills to develop exciting lesson plans and programs from the Science curriculum that facilitates students being able to: develop the skills and understanding of science.

This unit introduces students to knowledge relating to the relationship between theory and practice, where students will develop a repertoire of teaching strategies, and an understanding of how students learn in science. The construction of engaging activities will lead to deeper understandings of key ideas and concepts in science. This unit is designed around the structure and philosophy of the Australian Curriculum in Science Understanding, a Human Endeavour and Inquiry Skills (ACARA, 2010) in areas of biological science, chemical science, physical science and earth & space science. The unit will focus on developing an understanding of how to use available resources to design curriculum and integrate literacy, numeracy, assessment, use technologies, design suitable programs of inquiry and build experimental investigations into the curriculum.

Unit Description

Semesters 1, 2 | 2019


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