ELA200 English, Language and Literacy in Education 2

This unit will help pre-service teachers prepare their students to be imaginative thinkers and readers, globally aware citizens and capable and confident communicators in Standard Australian English. Teaching requires explicit, theoretically-informed and, where possible, evidence-based approaches to learning; that is the clear message conveyed by current Australian and international research into learning to read. Drawing on the contemporary research findings, this unit will define and explore the key elements of an exploratory and balanced approach to teaching literacy. Pre-service teachers will learn through an interactive model which will emphasise the cognitive principles involved in language growth and understanding. Unit participants will apply their knowledge about language and English to the reading context, and relate these understandings to the literacy development of students within diverse educational settings. They will develop principles for teaching reading in literacy-rich environments and participate in a learning that enables them to work in specialist and cross-curricular teams.

Unit Description


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