ELA300 English, Language and Literacy in Education 3

This English unit will focus on the teaching of writing. During the course pre-service teachers will have multiple opportunities to explore systematic and explicit teaching approaches based on up-to-date research evidence related to learning theories and how these apply to the writing context. The unit will define and emphasise the key principles embedded in balanced approaches to literacy. It contains learning experiences that enable students to meet the AITSL requirements for program graduates with regard to English/Literacy.

Building on ELA100 Language in Education and ELA200 English Language and Literacy 2, pre-service teachers will define and apply knowledge about English, language and literature to the writing context for students within diverse classroom settings and continue to identify links between reading and writing development. Unit participants will develop generalised principles for teaching writing and participate in a learning environment that enables them to work in specialist and/or cross curricular teams. This unit will further support the principles from the National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association (1996) that students need authentic purposes for writing and need to learn an extensive array of writing strategies.

Unit Description

Semesters 1, 2 & Summer | 2019