ENG247 Fluid and Thermodynamics

This unit introduces the basic concepts of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics necessary for mechanical, civil and chemical engineers.
Topics in the fluid mechanics area include:

  • pressure and head
  • motion of fluid particles and streams
  • the momentum equation and its applications
  • the energy equation and its applications
  • dimensional analysis and similarity
  • laminar and turbulent flows in bound systems

Topics in the thermodynamics area include:

  • first law of thermodynamics
  • second law of thermodynamics
  • isentropic process and efficiency
  • energy and mass conservation

This unit is reliant on on-line materials. Students must have access to a reliable high-speed broadband connection and a scanner. Students studying in external mode must attend residential activity at the Casuarina Campus during the mid-semester break. More information about residentials can be found at http://www.cdu.edu.au/engit/residentials.html

Unit Description

Semester 1 | 2019

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