ENG338 Machine Design Principles

The unit provides an understanding of how machines are put together using machine elements to ensure safe operating conditions. The design of machine elements is analysed in this unit.

The unit covers working stresses, fatigue and failure theories, design of shafts, springs, screws, belts, clutches, brakes, chains, welded and riveted connections, lubrication and journal bearings, ball and roller bearings, limits and clearances, spur gears, and helical, bevel and worm gears. The importance of selection of suitable materials engineering materials for machine elements will also be covered. The unit includes the critical evaluation of different design methods and integration of knowledge to practical applications.

Students will design a machine that will perform specified tasks as per design and build competition or similar group work requirements.

This unit uses on-line materials including the electronic submission of assessment items. Students must have access to a reliable high-speed broadband connection and a scanner.

Unit Information

Semester 2, 2019


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