ENG368 Steel and Concrete Structures

This unit builds on existing knowledge of static equilibrium and skills gained in ENG151, and develops a deeper understanding of how these relate to the analysis and design of steel and concrete structures. This is achieved initially through the use of computer software to divide a relatively simple structure into a series of interconnected finite elements from which values of member forces and structural displacements under applied load can be obtained. The validity of these values is checked using manual calculations based on knowledge and abilities gained in ENG151.

Concepts of permissible stress and allowable deflection are developed to enable preliminary design of simple steel structures, leading to selection of member sizes, weights of materials, and budget cost estimates.

In addition to determining loads to be applied in the design of steel and concrete structures using the current Australian Standard (AS1170), an alternative concept using the theory of plastic design is introduced.

Other material covers preliminary sizing of reinforced concrete elements (beams, slabs, and columns), an overview of bridge analysis, design and construction, steel-concrete composite sections, and durability, fire resistance, and sustainability of steel and concrete structures.

Unit Information


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