ENG480 Applied Fluid Mechanics

This unit deals with the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of complex fluid mechanics equipment and machinery. It covers both incompressible and compressible aerodynamics: high speed flow of an ideal gas in pipe with friction and heat transfer; normal shock waves; the characteristics of subsonic and supersonic flow; and application of fluid momentum principle to the analysis of Turbomachinery. Incompressible aerodynamics includes the boundary layer theory; flow separated, lift and drag on bodies. Compressible flow of ideal gas includes isentropic flow; normal shock waves; flow through a convergence-divergence nozzle; Rayleigh flow; Fanno flow; Prandtl-Meyer flow and unsteady shock waves. Turbomachines dealt with include centrifugal pumps; axial-flow pumps and fans. The unit includes the critical evaluation of different design methods and integration of knowledge to practical applications.

Students studying this unit in external mode must attend residential activity at the Casuarina Campus during the mid-semester study period. More information about residentials can be found at http://www.cdu.edu.au/engit/residentials.html

This unit is reliant on on-line materials including electronic submission of assessment items. Students must have access to a reliable high-speed broadband connection and a scanner.

Unit Description


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