EPE510 Education in Context: Preparation for Practice and Assessment

This postgraduate unit integrates pre-service teachers' discipline knowledge with pedagogical practices relevant to early childhood and/or stages of schooling. The unit focuses on aspects of reviewing learning theories, literature and assessment practices to inform quality pedagogical practices. Pre-service teachers will investigate and apply a range of professional teaching standards throughout this unit. This unit requires successful completion of two components. The first is up to seven weeks of in-depth study of learning theories, literature and quality pedagogical approaches. The second component consists of 20 days of professional experience in a relevant educational setting. Pre-service teachers will undertake specific assessable activities, including personal reflection, planning and teaching that align to the theoretical focus provided. The 20 days of professional experience includes a two-week block (Monday to Friday) with a minimum of 10 lessons planned and taught. Note: Pre-service teachers are required to provide current criminal history clearances prior to the commencement of any professional experience. Visit http://cdu.edu.au/education/inschool for guidelines, requirement and handbooks.

Unit Information

Semester 1, 2 | 2019