EST211 Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages in Schools

This unit provides a deep understanding of the policy context and programs related to Indigenous language learning. Pre-service teachers critically examine the global and Australian contexts of Indigenous language learning in schools for first language speakers and for Indigenous and non-Indigenous children who are learning an Indigenous language for the first time. Through this unit, pre-service teachers analyse the socio-political contexts and rationales of Indigenous language learning in relation to policies, curricula and programs. Pre-service teachers critically analyse the inter-relationships between learner needs, community needs, and Indigenous languages' curricula and programs and apply this knowledge to propose a language program. This unit is intended for pre-service teachers who speak an Indigenous language and who wish to teach it, or for those who are interested in facilitating the teaching of Indigenous languages in school. Pre-service teachers who will be undertaking the unit at Batchelor should note that there are 2 x 3-4 week compulsory intensive blocks at Batchelor.

Unit Information

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