ETL502 Secondary Schooling Operations and Practices

This postgraduate unit is designed to provide pre-service teachers with a comprehensive understanding of theories, practices and legislation that underpin the governance, teaching and operation of secondary schools. Pre-service teachers will develop an in-depth knowledge of the relevant state or territory legislation that underpins school operations and their teaching practices. The theoretical frameworks supporting the operation of junior secondary and senior secondary schools will be reviewed, and relevant research findings on their effectiveness discussed. Pre-service teachers will critically address and analyse the provision and success of curriculum reform strategies of integrated and negotiated curriculum for junior secondary, and a differentiated curriculum of (1) high academic, (2) academic and (3) vocational education programs in senior secondary schools. Schooling and operational structures will be critically evaluated for the development and trialling of new initiatives for schooling models and improvement.

Unit Information

Semester 1, 2 | 2019

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