HSC331 Health Science Community Practicum a

This unit is the first of two community health project units in which students will implement theory and knowledge gained through their course by developing a project targeting different population groups with community health organisations. There are three models of community practicum and students will commit to one of these:

    1. Working with a health organisation on an existing project/program to assist/manage part of this project/program

    1. Working with a health organisation and developing a new project/program to meet specific needs or requirements identified by the health organisation

    1. Working with a health organisation to develop and manage their own (new) health project/program in alignment with the health organisation and client needs.

This unit involves 110 hours of community engagement and project work, developing skills of negotiation, collaboration, team work and risk management. This will provide students with opportunities to integrate with industry to practice and reflect on the skills and capacities required by a graduate health professional. All students need to submit pre-project documentation prior to the commencement of the semester in order to undertake their project and successfully complete
the unit.

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