PHA311 Clinical Biochemistry

This unit is designed to analyse the common biochemical tests used in pathology laboratories with emphasis on both the physiological and biochemical aspects for performing tests to determine various disease states. Students will learn to diagnose disorders based on abnormalities in water balance, osmolarity, acid/base homeostasis and blood gases. They will develop an understanding of endocrine function and its control in hormone secretions, clinical enzymology and the presence of serum proteins as a basis of health and disease. Students will also learn to interpret results to identify disorders involving lipids, carbohydrate metabolism and kidney & liver function, plus be aware of the importance of reference ranges in testing procedures and maintaining laboratory safety and quality control. Therapeutic drug monitoring and chemical toxicity will also be emphasised together with the development of clinical knowledge and skills in the delivery of pharmaceutical care and active participation in therapeutic management and applying quality use of medicines.

Unit Description


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