PHM554 Public Health Decision Making

The aim of this unit is to increase students' knowledge of health economics and the role that it plays in the planning and delivery of health services and public health. The main focus is on reviewing the evidence and applying the tools of economics to health care. Students will have the opportunity to synthesise and consolidate their learning from previous units by conducting a literature review and applying the evidence to an economic proposal.

Students will explore: the role of economics in supporting decision-making in the healthcare sector; how economic tools can assist to clarify the key issues that arise due to scarcity of resources; and how they can determine and respond to public health problems and priorities. Students will increase their knowledge and skills in relation to key economic concepts such as economic cost, efficiency and equity, as well as decision-support and planning tools used by health economists.

Note: it is recommended that students enrol in this unit in their final semester of study.

Unit Description

Semester 1 | 2017