SWK466 Field Education B

Students are expected to advance their social work practice development by exposure to, participation in and responsibility for more complex and demanding areas of social work practice in a field agency. Their learning will have been extended by the application of a social work enquiry project relevant to their placements prior to commencement. Students will be encouraged to broaden their practice experience in community work and remote area placements where applicable. Casework and groupwork at advanced levels according to individual student learning needs will also be available.

Students taking this unit will continue to examine the integration of theory and practice as in SWK366 with a greater emphasis on developing accountability, autonomy and initiative. The developing consciousness of their social work practice will involve the beginning development of a professional identity, an understanding of the agency and the implications of their role, as in SWK366, together with a consideration of the political, social and economic factors which impinge on the agency. A more thorough examination of social work issues and professional responsibilities will also occur.

Unit Information


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