Focus: Family Law provides an ideal introduction to family law. It contains clear explanations and analysis of the law and its underlying policy, as well as a synopsis of the facts of, and excerpts from, the leading judgments in key family law cases. Problem questions at the end of each chapter provide the opportunity to apply the principles to hypothetical scenarios, encouraging discussion of the broader impact of family law.


This seventh edition provides extensive discussion of recent cases and policy, the manner in which the ever-increasing incidence of family violence is being addressed under Australia’s family law system, and developments in property matters following the 2012 decision in Stanford and Stanford and in relation to the property of former de facto partners. Important recent decisions include:

     • Bondelmonte v Bondelmonte [2017] HCA 8 (relocation);

     • Hall v Hall [2016] HCA 23 (spousal maintenance); and

     • several cases revisiting the principles in Kennon [1997] FamCA 27 (effect of family violence in assessing property contributions).

Author: E Mills & M Ebejer
ISBN: 9780409344929
Publication Date: 7TH JUNE 2017
Edition: 7th Edition

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