Expert Evidence: Law, Practice, Procedure and Advocacy is the acclaimed work of first resort for analysing the complex law and practice surrounding expert witnesses and expert evidence in personal injury, commercial, criminal and family law litigation. It has been cited by superior courts in every jurisdiction in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in a number of other countries. As well as setting out and interpreting the complex common law and statutory criteria for expert evidence admissibility, the book also provides guidance in relation to how most effectively expert witnesses can provide their opinions and how they can be made accountable for their views. It scrutinises disciplinary, costs and civil law repercussions for substandard expert evidence and analyses the forensic application of codes of ethics for experts that have been promulgated in all jurisdictions. Reflecting the law as at 1 August 2018, the sixth edition: incorporates new material in relation to: evidence by forensic engineers and architects; interpretation of admissibility thresholds under both statutory and common law; appellate decisions on DNA profiling; empirical material in advocacy chapters; and costs orders against experts and legal practitioners; includes a revision of chapters on identification evidence and concurrent evidence, as well as incorporation of fresh material in relation to consecutive evidence and expert conclaves; refocuses treatment of PTSD material; and expands treatment of appellate issues and matters relating to fitness to stand trial.

Author: Professor Ian Freckelton
ISBN: 9780455231624
Publication Date: 2013
Edition: 5th Edition

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