Savage Life in Central Australia gives a first-hand account of life amongst the Wangkangurru (Wonkonguru) and Dieri people living their traditional nomadic lives in the arid regions east of Lake Eyre, as recorded by George Aiston, who resided there from 1912. His superb photographs illustrate details of day to day life: games, food preparation, string-making, stone tool manufacture and use, corroborees, rain-making ceremonies, bone-pointing, use of magic stones and duels with stone daggers. Dr. George Horne visited the region and collaborated with Aiston to write the 1924 book, revealing an Aboriginal Australia never to be seen again. This revised edition contains previously unpublished photos by Aiston, additional articles, and updated information. Wangkangurru elders living in the region show knowledge of their bush foods, significant sites, and detail the story of Thutirla-Pula (Two Boys Dreaming) and the creation of mikiris (waterholes).

Author: George A. Horne
ISBN: 9780977503575
Publication Date: 16 Mar 2010
Edition: 2nd edition

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