The 36 heartfelt and personal accounts about fire management contained in To Burn or Not to Burn reveal not just the differing perspectives on fire management but perhaps more importantly, how Australians interact with the land on a more profound level which may provide a greater understanding on the future role of fire in mainland Australian landscapes.

"Being a Volunteer was part of the way to help our community." - John Cullen "Hero firefighter, 
villain prescribed-burner is where it's at." - Neil Burrows
"If wrong people burning country at wrong time, then everyone loses." - Otto Campion "It's now time
to have our own Australian approach." - Roger Underwood

In 2016, Anthony Kerr embarked on a road-trip around the country with his family and decided to interview Australians on how they felt about fire management. Fire has been an integral part of Australian landscapes for thousands of years, but has its role been sufficiently understood?

Foreward written by Peter Whitehead

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