The only truly Australasian text on Strategic Management, written specifically for the unique requirements of modern Australasian businesses – from start-ups to multinationals.

Assuming an international perspective but written for an Australian and New Zealand audience, the text highlights how all organisations are affected by international issues, whether through suppliers, operations, competitors or customers. To provide a clear and practical application of theory, ten new case studies have been included in this edition to respond to the demand for them at this level of study in this discipline.

Additionally, the text allows a more theoretical perspective to be taken than is normally possible in strategy texts. This suits undergraduate courses where students have little practical experience and where conceptual principles are being developed. However, postgraduate students seeking a more conceptual understanding also find this emphasis valuable.

Theoretically strong, Strategic Management covers all theories and major research, yet has a practical, unifying and integrated theme in the environment–strategy–capability gap analysis model.

Author: Graham Hubbard
ISBN: 9781488617348
Publication Date: 12 Oct 2018
Edition: 6th Edition

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