Craig Deegan’s Financial Accounting 8e continues to be the market-leading and most highlyregarded product for the changing needs of today’s instructors and students.This edition has been redesigned to make the content more concise, accessibleand easy to use for students, as well as prepare them for a future career infinancial accounting.

 New to this edition: 

 • Real worldexamples: more applied and practical examples that focus on the ‘how to’ offinancial accounting.

 • Currency:comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of areas such as financial statementpresentation, the conceptual framework for financial reporting, accounting forleases, revenue recognition, financial instruments and corporate socialresponsibility reporting.

 • Digitalresources: for the first time, Financial Accounting offers acomplete digital package, including LearnSmart and SmartBook, which provide anadaptive and individualised learning experience unique to each student.

Author: Craig Deegan
ISBN: 9781743764039
Publication Date: 23 June 2016
Edition: 8th Edition

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