SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY AND HUMAN NATURE, 5th Edition, offers a remarkably fresh and compelling exploration of the fascinating field of social psychology. Respected researchers, teachers and authors Roy Baumeister and Brad Bushman give students integrated and accessible insight into the ways that nature, the social environment and culture interact to influence social behavior. While giving essential insight to the power of situations, the text's contemporary approach also emphasizes the role of human nature -- viewing people as highly complex, exquisitely designed and variously inclined cultural animals who respond to myriad situations. Thoroughly updated with the latest research and developments, the new edition includes new coverage of social media use and loneliness, nonbinary gender theory, anti-LGBTQ+ prejudice and more. With strong visual appeal, an engaging writing style and the best of classic and current research, this text helps students make sense of the sometimes baffling -- but always interesting -- diversity of human behavior.

Author: Roy F. Baumeister
ISBN: 9780357122914
Publication Date: 03/01/2020
Edition: 5th Edition

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