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Semester 2 | 2023 by unit code A-Z (not confirmed for 2023 check Library and Learnline)

ECE303 Curriculum and Programming in Early Childhood
ECL155 - Preparation for Teaching in Early Childhood Education
ECL224 Science in the Early Years
ECL228 Humanities, Social and Environmental Education in Early Childhood Education
ECL300 Approaches to Literacy in the Early Years
ECL516 Early Years Literacy and English
ECL523 Mathematics With Young Children
ECM202 Teaching the Curriculum: Science 2
ECM212 Teaching the Curriculum: Health and Physical Education 2
ECM223 Teaching the Curriculum: Visual Arts 2
ECM262 Teaching the Curriculum: Maths 2
ECM282 Teaching the Curriculum: Senior Secondary English
ECM502 Teaching the Curriculum: Senior Secondary Science
ECM512 Teaching the Curriculum:Junior Secondary Health and Physical Education
ECM523 Teaching the Curriculum: Senior Secondary Visual Arts
ECM562 Teaching the Curriculum: Senior Secondary Maths
ECM582 Teaching the Curriculum: Senior Secondary English
ECO107 Economics and the Modern Business Enterprise
ECO504 Business Economics
ECO505 - Economics of Sustainability
ECP120 Teaching And Learning 2 / Early Years
ECU100 Arts for Education
ECU101 - Health and Physical Education in Educational Settings
ECU204 - Technology and Design for Education
ECU301 Humanities and Social Science Pedagogy
ECU500 Arts Education
ECU501 Humanities and Social Science Education
EIE502 Promoting Positive Behaviour
ELA100 - English, Language and Literacy in Education 1
EMA100 Mathematics Education 1: Content Knowledge For Teaching
EMA300 - Mathematising and Contextualising
EMA522 - Mathematical Content Knowledge for Teaching
ENG212 Mechanics of Solids
ENG221 Analogue Electronics
ENG224 Electrical Machines and Power Systems
ENG248 Unit Operations
ENG252 Dynamics
ENG267 Hydraulics and Soil Mechanics
ENG305 Safety, Risk and Reliability
ENG338 Machine Design Principles
ENG368 Steel and Concrete Structures
ENG377 - Electromagnetics and Communication Technology
ENG441 Separation Processes
ENG519 - Sustainability
ENG564 Geotechnical Engineering
ENG573 - Communication Systems
ENG574 Power Systems Analysis
ENG576 - Control Engineering
ENG579 Biomedical Engineering
ENG581 - Applied Heat and Mass Transfer
ENG582 - Engines and Turbomachinery
ENV101 Earth Systems
ENV103 Environmental Issues
ENV209 Flora and Fauna Survey and Monitoring
ENV210 Water Quality Assessment
ENV312 - Aquatic Resource Management
ENV519 - Aquatic Resource Management
EPE102 Professional Experience: Planning for Early Childhood Learning
EPE111 Professional Experience: PLanning for Learner Development
EPE211 - Professional Experience: Planning for Learning and Assessment
EPE510 Education in Context: Preparation for Practice and Assessment
EPE520 Developmental Learning and Pedagogy
EPE540 Specialist Knowledges and Pedagogy
EPR100 Professional Experience 1: Teacher As Learner
EPR200 Professional Experience 2: Teaching in Context
ESC100 Science Education 1: Chemical and Biological Sciences
ESC200 Science Education 2: Physical and Earth/Space Sciences
ESC220 Science in Education
ESC511 Science and Technology in Education
EST200 Child and Adolescent Development
EST203 Teaching Indigenous Learners
EST204 - ICT in Education>EST204 - ICT in Education
EST221 Health, Environment and Wellbeing
EST300 Assessment, Moderation and Reporting
EST302 Researching Classroom Practice
EST305 - Socially Inclusive Pedagogy
EST311 Teaching Aboriginal And/Or Torres Strait Islander Language in Schools
EST503 Teaching Indigenous Learners
EST504 Digital Technologies and Education
EST535 - Society and Education
ETL301 Learning and Teaching Adolescents in the 21st Century
ETL501 Learning and Teaching Adolescents
PHA306 Advanced Pharmaceutics
PHA307 Clinical Pharmacy Practice
PHA312 Infectious Diseases
PHA406 Therapeutics B
PHA407 Integrated Pharmacy Practice
PHA410 Innovative Pharmacy Practice and Research
PHC500 Screening And Assessment
PHC501 Foundations Of Primary Health Care
PHC511 Chronic Condition Management In The Primary Health Care Context
PHM519 - Clinical Trials and Other Intervention Studies
PHM525 Indigenous Health Research
PHM527 Health Research Skills
PHM529 Sexual and Reproductive Health
PHM553 Introduction to Biostatistics
PHM570 Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Disease
PHM588 Qualitative Research Methods
PHM593 Tropical Child Health
PMO201 Project Management
PRT541 Information Systems Management
PRT563 Advanced Data Management
PRT565 - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
PRT572 Communications and Network Security Engineering
PRT580 Discrete Structures
PRT582 Software Engineering: Process and Tools
PSY101 - Introduction to Research Skills
PSY151 - Introduction to Psychology B
PSY202 Developmental Psychology
PSY203 - Developmental Psychology Across the Lifespan
PSY211 Introduction to Forensic Psychology
PSY246 - Cognition, Language and Perception
PSY311 - Introduction to Forensic Psychology
PSY330 - Learning and Memory
PSY340 - Behavioural Therapies
PSY347 Advanced Research Design and Analysis
PSY353 Abnormal Psychology
PSY404 Psychological Assessment
PSY414 - Psychological Assessment
PSY423 Psychological Interventions
PSY524 - Applied Methodologies
PSY525 - Psychological Interventions
PSY604 Advanced Clinical Practice
SBI111 - Perspectives in Paramedicine Practice
SBI171 Anatomy and Physiology 1
SBI172 Anatomy and Physiology 2
SBI182 - Microbiology and Immunology
SBI209 Design And Analysis Of Biological Studies
SBI241 Bioscience For Healthcare Practice
SBI242 Pharmacology For Clinical Practice
SBI270 - Clinical Skills for Paramedicine
SBI274 - Cardiopulmonary and Emergency Assessment
SCH102 Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
SCL200 Communication for Improved Patient Care
SLT502 - Principles of Dysphagia
SLT505 - Acquired Language Disorders
SMA101 Mathematics 1A
SMA102 Mathematics 1B
SMA104 Concepts of Mathematics
SMA209 - Mathematics 2
SMA212 - Data Analytics
SPE111 Physical Assessment, Exercise Prescription and Delivery
SPE120 - Essentials in Health and Fitness
SPE206 - Health, Exercise and Sport Psychology
SPE212 - Applied Coaching Principles Across the Lifespan
SPE261 Functional Anatomy
SPE312 Advanced Studies in Exercise and Sport Science 2
SPH141 Concepts of Physics
STA510 Business Statistics
SWK102 Communication Skills
SWK103 Social Work Skills A
SWK202 Dynamics of Group Work
SWK203 Social Work Skills B
SWK302 Social Work Theory & Practice
SWK314 Ethical Dilemmas and Social Justice
SWK317 Dynamics of Loss and Grief
SWK318 Skills for Regional and Remote Practice
SWK320 Field Education A
SWK330 Field Education A
SWK366 Field Education A
SWK420 Field Education B
SWK430 - Field Education B
SWK466 Field Education B
SWK522 - Co-Creating Social Justice in Practice
SWK529 Integrative Methods for Social Work Futures
SWK530 - Field Education A
SWK631 - Field Education B

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